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Brands   品牌风采

  • 浙江英策科技有限公司

  • 江山联润进出口有限公司

  • 浙江英策科技有限公司

  • 衢州本尚工艺品有限公司

  • 衢州化城劳保用品有限公司

  • 衢州优赛电子有限公司

Behind the Scene 



Online Exhibitions, Global Connections, an online platform for professional match-making, displaying the demand and supply, forming the products matching and negotiations. Supported by authoritative market associations and resources, joined by leading auto-parts exhibitors, your professional long-term partner for high quality products and services.


Professional overseas buyers are selected and invited, providing real purchasing needs. One-to-one matchmaking, Point-to-point connection, and Face-to-face meeting are realized after accurate comparison of the exhibitors’ products and services, to stimulate the completion of high quality orders.


Matchmaking with high accuracy leads to orders of high quality. By matching the demand and supply in high efficiency, to promote the market information symmetry and provide online meeting opportunities, thus stimulate the completion of high quality orders.

  • 服务企业

    30,000 +

  • 出展项目

    240 +

  • 市场覆盖

    100 + Country

    300 + City

  • 市场涉及

    18 + field

    30 + Industry

  • 合作伙伴

    100 +